MD 110

The MD110 Convergence Communication System is the first MD110 release to offer full communication convergence.

It corresponds to the BC12 release of the evolution of MD110. All MD110 systems can be upgraded to this release. The MD110 Convergence Communication System is a hybrid solution supporting both the well-proven and widely deployed traditional circuit-switched (TDM) technology, as well as the new packet switched (IP) technology, in a single system.

This means that you are able to deploy traditional terminals, such as analog, digital and cordless phones, and connect to traditional (legacy) public and private networks and systems, such as analog trunks, ISDN,

CAS, DPNSS, E&M, while at the same time using new generation IP phones , PC soft phones and IP trunks.

MD110 gives you the best of both the circuit- switched and the packet-switched worlds, and the best of both voice and data, in one system. If you already have an MD110, upgrading and adopting new technologies means that you can capitalize on your existing investments in legacy technology and re-use as much as possible. This means flexibility, freedom of choice and perfect balance.The best of both worlds, namely the voice and data worlds, is made possible by Ericsson's optimal implementation of IP Telephony in the MD110 Convergence Communication System.

IP telephony becomes a reliable service or application with business-class quality running over IP networks. The decentralized architecture with distributed call control and processing, reduces single point-of-failures, and powerful terminal and system features guarantee failover and service continuation in case of outages in the network. The scalability (from 10 to 25,000 IP stations) makes the MD110 ideal for a stepwise implementation of IP Telephony. The complete VoIP / IP Telephony portfolio allows cost-effective deployment in branch offices, networking as well as in main sites.

MD110's multiconvergence approach, also gives you the best of both the fixed and the mobile worlds. Ericsson is the worldwide leader in mobility, the inventor of DECT and Bluetooth and the principal contributor to such mobile standards as GSM, GPRS, WAP, MMS, WLAN, CDMA and UMTS. Ericsson strongly supports the fixed-to-mobile convergence for the enterprise and is realizing its vision of the Mobile Enterprise.

The BC12 release of the MD110 Convergence Communication System is a corner stone in delivering this vision. The unique integration of mobile/cellular phones called Mobile Extension into corporate communications, as well as the support of corporate communication and information access via WAP/GPRS, underlines Ericsson's commitment to delivering the Mobile Enterprise to business users today.
"IP Telephony with the extra mobility you expect from a market leader"


  • Multi-dimensional Convergence - Consolidate your voice & data networks and benefit from the best of both worlds: fixed & mobile
  • Unprecedented Reliability - even in converged IP networks
  • Unlimited user Mobility- Flexibility & freedom to choose any type of terminal

MD110 Convergence Communication System: Will now enable enterprises to capitalize even more on the best of both worlds - that of the advanced PBX technologies and the dynamic IP worlds.

Success in today's business environment almost demands that enterprises have the support of, not only voice-data convergence, but even the convergence of fixed-mobile and private-public dimensions. Ericsson defines this as multi convergence - the highly flexible and comprehensive solution to supporting dynamic workforces in their preferred work environment.

Ericsson's revolutionary multi convergence communication system is the MD110 Convergence Communication System: A system that well and truly integrates fixed and mobile telephony, IP phones, PC softphones, cordless phones, mobile/cellular phones, digital phones and IP Gateways

MD110 Convergence Communication System supports cost-effective, seamless communication across corporate voice networks, intranet, Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and public networks. Through convergence, enterprises will have the power to be productive by capitalizing on real-time, mission-critical business and communication applications. Now full IP Networking between MD110 and BusinessPhone enable convergence on existing IP connections, making for highly-flexible work methods and better cost efficiency.

Management applications

Dynamic Network Administration, D.N.A., gives IT managers the choice of managing the network from a single point or from multiple points. You can manage a network of any size simply by adding D.N.A. servers and linking these together over a WAN. And you can distribute management responsibility to designated individuals anywhere within the network, each with different levels of access.

End-users and customers applications

The same flexible approach applies to directory information. You can provide end-users-and customers-with direct access to your organization's directory for fast, accurate and cost-effective call handling. Moreover, you can share data-directory information, human resources, accounting and so on-between the D.N.A. database and any other database within your environment, dramatically reducing training and service costs.

D.N.A. Personal Assistant for Smartphone with an enhanced user interface for Sony Ericsson P900 provides users connected to Mobile Extension, with truly unlimited mobility. The P900 incorporates Corporate Telephony designed to strengthen the usability of MD110 system features by providing an intuitive graphical user interface.

D.N.A. Operator Workstation (OWS) is a powerful, easy-to-use PC application for MD110 switchboard operators. It provides integrated Operator Console and Directory Services for the MD110 PBX network

Ericsson Communication Assistant equips every employee access to the corporate directory with tools for controlling calls, managing Personal Number and messages all from a web interface.

D.N.A. Mobile Executive (DME) is a WAP-based application that gives the mobile worker access to the corporate directory, Personal Number control and message diversion.

Ericsson Communication Client (ECC) is a PC-based IP Soft Phone that provides access to the corporate directory, Personal Number and IP business class telephony features.

Voice Activated Assistant (VAA) is what speech activates the corporate directory. With VAA is possible to call anyone in the corporate directory by simple speaking his/her name from any location.

All your messages in one place
OneBox lets you access and send email, voicemail and faxes - using one unified messaging system. That means one easy interface and one password, with all your messages conveniently stored in a single, Internet-accessible inbox on your PC. You can also access and respond to voicemail or email using either a fixed or mobile phone. OneBox will read your email to you using a text-to-speech application, and forward your faxes to any convenient location, such as your hotel room or your home office


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