Beetel B25

Basic Phone

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Key features

  • Ringer volume control switch

  • Tone / Pulse switchable

  • Redial, Mute, Flash, Pause options available.

  • Wall/ Desk Mountable options.


The Beetel B25 basic corded phone will be an ideal pick for those looking for an affordable yet supreme quality corded phone. Unlike a cell phone, this corded phone will not run out of battery, making you free from constant charging.

With a slender and compact design, this corded receiver is easy to handle and operate. Its full black design with contrasting numbers on the keypad offers great clarity. The Beetel phone features a ringer volume control that can be adjusted according to the ambience or your convenience.

This basic corded phone lets you switch between the traditional dialling and the modern day tone dialling according to your convenience. It delivers high-quality sound without any distortion at bay. The redial option is provided to call the last dialled number automatically by just pressing the button. You can keep this phone both on a desk or mount it on the wall.


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