Beetel M78

Caller ID Speaker 1+1 Phone

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Key features

  • Intercom Facility Between Two Phones.

  • Call Transfer facility from Phone 1 to Phone 2 & Vice Versa.

  • Dual Mode FSK/DTMF CLI compatible.


Intercom facility between two phones. Phone transfer facility from phone 1 to phone 2 and vice versa. Dual mode FSK/DTMF CLI compatible. Two way speakerphone. 3 one-touch memory, (M, M2 and M3). Auto add “0” in phone back.

Addition Important Features

  • Two Way Speakerphone.
  • 3 one touch memory.(M1,M2 &M3).
  • Auto Add “0” in Call Back, 28 Incoming calls memory, 10 outgoing calls memory.
  • 5 step LCD contrast adjustable, Programmable Flash time and Pause.
  • Programmable Tone / Pulse Dialing Mode.
  • 3 step ringer Volume switchable.


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